Humane Girth

Price: $148.99
Length of Girths Havana Lenght of girths 60" Black only
SW-4828 Humane Girth
Designed for horses whose girth pocket is located beneath their shoulders.
This conformation allows some girths to pull a saddle forward onto the shoulders.
This sometimes causes your saddle pad to “creep”
where the saddle pad bunches up under the saddle.

Enhance the performance of your equine athlete with our
ergonomically designed “humane” girth.
This leather girth self-adjusts to allow your horse a greater range of movement,
especially when used with “V” billets or “humane” billets.
Wide and softly padded.
Contoured around elbows and broad across sternum.
Elastic at both ends utilize “humane” dees to equalize tension on billets".
Elastic will stretch approximately 1" to 1.5" on each side.
This girth allows flexibility in girth placement to accommodate a variety of individual differences.

Stainless steel dees and roller buckles.
Havana brown

This girth is measured from "end of buckle" to "end of buckle
Sizes: 44” - 66" in 2” increments. Also have in Black 60 & 62" no 62" black or havana.