Leather & Web Halter

Price: $89.99
Size___ Ribbed Webbing Color
SW-848Leather & Web Halter

This leather halter has ribbed web cheeks, nose, and jowl. On either side of the crown the bridle leather chapes, secured with Chicago screws, are designed to break away and release the horse in case of accident or bridle entanglement. chapes attach hardware to the web. Leather throat, crown and chapes.
Chin is adjustable. Swivel bolt snap on rolled throat can be snapped facing in or out, allowing the rider to choose. All hardware is solid brass.
Leather is natural, un-coated, unpainted and will mellow and darken as oil and preservatives soak into the leather. The leather is tanned in a "green" tannery which meets all European environmental standards.

Sizes: Large Horse


Crown - 27" to 30"
Rolled Leather Throat with Snap - 19"
Cheek - 11"
Nose - 28"-34"

Colors: Havana brown bridle leather with brown, forest green or navy web