Nylon Tack

Welcome to the colorful world of NYLON TACK. We offer halters, bridles, leads, saddle pads, bareback pads, breast collars, cinches and girths, all made in the USA. You can get matching sets, or one piece. We want our bigger horses will look beautiful. We also sell the smaller sizes in case you want all your horses to match or just be as beautiful as your drafts.

Some nylon items can be ordered with trim. Check the nylon trims following the items you order to see which trims are available. The trims are modeled on different nylon items so you can also see what the different items look like when they are trimmed. You need to order a trim for each item when you order different nylon items.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for orders from these pages. These items are custom made in the USA after you order them.
They will ship to you within 1 business day from the day we receive your custom made items.
We keep a few items and colors in stock and if you call before ordering, we can tell you what we have in stock and an "in stock" item will be shipped that day.

Hours to call: Monday - Thursday 10:00AM-4:00PM EST