TACKY-TACK for A Non Slip Saddle

After many phone calls describing problems with slipping saddles we contacted the company that makes Tacky-Tack saddle pads to see if they would make Draft size saddle pads. They agreed to make draft size saddle pads and western cinches and English girths.
Tacky Tack Western Saddle pads are being made especially for us in the draft size. These will help with the frequent problem of the slipping saddle on our barrel shaped gentle giants. The EQUI-TECH non-slip pads are made from a soft material which allows airflow and "grips" both the horse and saddle. These saddle pads are made with a layered construction of foam coated polyester fabric that will not stain, discolor, dry out or tear under normal use. They have padding located at the saddle bar pressure points with extra padding at the withers and the spine. They will not trap heat, sweat or hair. Clean with a spray of water.
They are made in the USA.

Tacky-Tack Western Saddle Pad


Size: 34" x 36"
Colors: Black or Brown

Tacky-Tack English All Purpose Contoured Saddle Pad


Size: approximently 22" x 39"
Colors: Black, Brown and White

Tacky-Tack Australian Trooper Saddle Pad


Size: approximately 28" x 39"
Colors: Black, Brown

Tacky-Tack Western Cinch


You can use the cinch and the Tacky-Tack Saddle Pad for a very secure saddle, or use it by itself, to help stop the need to overtighten the cinch to keep the saddle from slipping.
Size: 38", 40", 42", 44", 46" and 48"
Colors: Black and Brown

Tacky-Tack English Girth


If you add the girth and the Tacky-Tack Saddle Pad to your saddle, you will have a very secure saddle. You can also use the girth by itself, to help stop the need to over tighten the girth to keep your saddle from slipping.
Size: 60", 62", 64", 66", "
Color: Black and Brown